Are you looking for a fun publisher who is easy to work with? Who isn’t! We are looking for author partners who are also fun and easy to work with. That was the good news. The bad news is that we have very few slots. So don’t feel sad if you get a rejection. You can just go read this list of Best-Sellers Initially Rejected and think about how you will laugh when we say hi to you at the book release party for your third NYT bestseller. Think you might fit in our camp? Send your submissions to


  • Do you have a story for us? We love stories, from short fiction to epic series. We especially love goodhearted, fun, and adventurous tales. Our primary interests are speculative (science fiction, fantasy, paranormal, horror, etc.), mystery, and romance.
  • Good advice at Writers Digest – How to Write the Perfect Query Letter.
  • The process: you send a brief query letter with sample* -> we tell you if we want to hear more -> if YES then you send the complete story -> if YES then CHAMPAGNE AND CAVIAR! No, wait. Then publishing contracts, schedules, and edits until all of our eyes bleed.


*Samples should be approximately one page of a short story, or one chapter of a novel or novella. It doesn’t have to be the first page or chapter, but whatever you feel best represents the piece. Basically a little taste of the whole. A teaser, if you will.

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